Objection to a payment order; default by the objector; if the objector does not properly take part in the trial, the Court hears the case without him and rejects the objection. Independent additional intervention; a decisive criterion for the characterization of additional intervention as independent is the extension of the validity of the decision, i.e. the subjective limits of res judicata, its enforceability and its transformative action in the legal relations of the third party to its opponent; the procedural right of exercise of independent additional intervention is provided not because of the possible manifestation of adverse actions of the decision on a third party, but because of the binding nature of those, which will be decided in the already pending trial, regarding the intervenor’s relations with his opponent, without the possibility of another procedure. Contribution of Law 128/1975; its transfer to the borrower is legal; the transfer can only be controlled from a transparency point of view, especially when it is imposed without prior sufficient information or in a covert manner. Guarantor’s liability; if the guarantor has waived the objection of possession and has mainly guaranteed as a self-debtor, he has no right to refuse payment of the debt, until the creditor attempts enforcement against the first debtor and this is unsuccessful; this waiver is not abusive, without plea that in this case there is a case of application of the provision of article 332 par. 1 of the Civil Code and it can legally be agreed between the parties.