Tax Law

Tax law is a subset of public law. The traditional approach to taxation, as the main provider of revenue for state operating costs, has been amended since the transition from the guardian state to the modern interventionist rule of law. The state must exercise its power in the direction of achieving growth, avoiding the imposition of counterproductive taxes and devising alternative forms of investment to raise revenue. Achieving stability in the tax system is a matter of paramount importance, in which the Greek state can improve its performance. In addition, the administration is required to take initiatives to restore the citizen’s confidence, regarding its choices on taxation issues.

Our office, in close collaboration with its network of accountants and economists, provides up-to-date, responsible advice to domestic and international legal and natural persons, that operate in the Greek economy, in order to invest safely and avoid negative surprises. Corporate responsibility is always the main parameter of our advice. At the same time, we undertake legal action against the state for the restoration of justice in case of violation of the relevant property rights of our clients.