Residence Permits & Golden Visa

Research shows that, if everyone who wanted to migrate were able to do so, the world average per capita income would double up (“The Walls of Nations”, Michael Clemens). Settling in economies that offer opportunities allows the utilization of human skills, contributing to the multiplication of wealth. Immigration favors the circulation of ideas and good practices and shapes cosmopolitan environments. However, immigration has to be done in a structured mode and with conditions that will ensure that it will not cause problems to the host country, or the immigrants themselves. It is no coincidence that in the economically strongest cities of the world, immigrants constitute an important percentage of the population (Toronto 46%, Sydney 45%, New York 38% and London 38%).

Our office proudly supports legal immigrants in Greece, in order to settle and conclude the required bureaucratic procedures. We also provide the full range of services needed to obtain the Golden Visa, which allows third countries citizens to act in the European Union.