Mediation is defined as the proceedings between two or more parties, which are assisted by a third party, called mediator, in order to jointly find an out of court solution, and avoid the time-consuming and costly process before the courts. In other words, the parties are guided by themselves, with the help of the mediator, who is a specially trained and qualified person, to resolve their dispute, with a mutually binding and enforceable agreement.

Mediation can be applied to private disputes, provided that the parties have the power to dispose of the subject matter of the dispute. There are cases for which mediation is not possible and require a court decision.

Mediation has valuable advantages; it offers a quick and smooth resolution of disputes at a low cost. In addition, the agreement is achieved through a consensus process between the parties and is mutually acceptable. Therefore, it constitutes a better fit to the needs of the parties, than a possible court judgment, which can often surprise and not satisfy any party. Finally, its consensual nature helps to prevent the irrevocable rupture of the parties’ relations. The parties, together with their attorneys, consult and resolve their differences together.

Mediation is a civilized dispute resolution method that has been successfully applied in developed legal orders. Our office supports the institution and seeks to resolve the disputes of our clients through the process, where applicable. We offer both services of mediator and legal representatives for mediation.

For further information on the procedure and the possibilities of resolving your case through mediation, don’t hesitate to contact us.