Intellectual Property & Copyright Law

Copyright law includes rules that protect the authors of literature, art, and science. Man, through mental and physical processes, expresses ideas and inspiration and reflects it in a creation, which the legislator calls “work”. In this work, the creator rightly establishes claims and the monopoly of its’ financial exploitation. However, the importance and need for legal protection of copyright has been challenged in recent decades. The development of cyberspace and its inexhaustible potential has brought up the right to knowledge and the freedom to circulate ideas. The work of the creators is characterized as “knowledge” that must freely circulate everywhere.

Our office undertakes the registration of intellectual property works, lawsuits related to infringement of intellectual & property rights, registration of rights, conclusion of publishing contracts, protection of trademarks, registration of domestic, Community and international trademark, lawsuits for infringements, always staying at the forefront of developments.