Family & Inheritance Law

Modern societies have entrusted the family with crucial functions, most importantly the care of raising children. This fact justifies the legislator’s interest in safeguarding the family and enshrining the values ​​it stands for. The principles of protection of marriage and family, gender equality, secularism and equal treatment of children born inside and outside marriages govern the rules of family law in Greece, which, after 1983 have acquired the progressive character that corresponds to our society.

On the other hand, inheritance, which is an important consequence of the family relationship, has followed a distinct legal path. The legislator, apart from the family, also aims at the protection of individual property, so that the limited nature of human life does not impede progress.

Our office handles the relevant cases with due sensitivity. We know that the interests in a family are overwhelmingly common and we insist on bridging differences. We look forward to relieving the pressures of reality and helping to create a psychological environment conducive to communication and the uninterrupted care and development of vulnerable family members, minors and adults.