Corporate Law

In the frames of the free-market economy and competition, corporate law serves primarily liberal economic and political objectives: it provides the organizational background and institutional vehicle for the free development of profit activity which is awarded to founders, partners and shareholders. An enterprise, personal or capital, is established and exists primarily for the sake of its partners and shareholders, who contribute capital, labor or other benefits, bear the business risk and, for these reasons, become “co-owners” of the corporation and exclusive holders of the “residual” claims arising from its operation; in other words, they are the sole beneficiaries of the product (profits, liquidation balance) remaining after the repayment of all its creditors. Furthermore, employees are given the opportunity to acquire corporate status under certain conditions, while, in other legal classes (such as the German), their representatives are entitled to participate in the management of medium and large companies.

The establishment and sound management of commercial companies is a means for growth, innovation and economic prosperity. Choosing a competent legal advisor is an investment in the company and acts as a multiplier of profit and investment activity. Since 1979, we have been advising small and medium-sized international and domestic companies that invest and undertake risks in Greece, demonstrating in practice that we care about the businesses of our clients, as if they were our own.