Car Accidents & Insurance Law

The role of insurance companies is not limited to the financial field. They act as a guarantee that the person who has suffered damage, can address a creditworthy debtor who will restore it, in case the liable natural person does not have the financial ability to do so. At the same time, insurance is a means of raising funds and public savings. Therefore, corresponding to their duties and providing appropriate compensation to the insured is more of a social duty than a business choice for insurance companies. In Greece, the insurance industry is growing less than the EU average, and related costs are limited.

Moreover, the “society at risk” (as defined by Ulrich Beck) that has been shaped by the advancement of technology, has been the object of the legislator’s pro-active action. Maintaining dignity and an unobstructed life for the people who have suffered damages is a priority of the law, which our office serves with dedication.

Compensation for traffic accidents has been a dominant field of ​​our specialization since our establishment in 1979. Our experience includes handling thousands of cases and representing all kinds of clients, by conducting trials that have shaped the landscape in the jurisprudence of the Greek legal order.